Bank holiday rides - my first 50

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This is what I'm planning to do on Sunday while partner is at work. It's not my route, but thought I'd give it a whirl: ... -the-beach

A good way to get the beach without getting stuck in the car in a traffic jam. This will be my first attempt at a 50 miler and I'll be getting the train back from Chichester.

Anyone else planning a horizon expanding ride at the weekend?


  • John C.
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    I don't know the area but as it's a hot forcast don't forget to drink plenty, starting with the first turn of the crank. Enjoy :D

    Fail to prepare, prepare to fail
    Hills are just a matter of pace
  • MrKawamura,
    can I suggest a detour via Liphook to Petersfield, then a great climb up through South Harting and Harting hill. this then leads onto the back road from South Harting to Chichester.
    it's a great ride and a really good climb up from South Harting to the top of the southdowns and all the way down to Chichester.

  • MrKawamura
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    Thanks for these replies - I left work early so didn't see them in time.

    I took lots of water, a sports drink and an energy bar and made it to Chichester. I didn't realise what some of the hills would be like! it was a BIG step up from my usual local 20-30 mile loops. The constant ups and downs left me with nothing in my legs after about 35 miles and I had to walk the two biggest hills. I was laughing at myself and cursing in equal measure. A bit of a reality check that gave me a real sense of taking a step into a wider world. An enjoyable if overambitious day.
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    Always good to push your limits. Well done Mr K.
  • MrKawamura
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    Thanks. I've learnt a lot from the ride. My usual 20 milers have been about how fast I can go, not whether I'll complete the route - very different limits to test. I could hack round flat 20 mile routes forever without feeling the need to seriously address my excess body fat and smoking habit.


    Not so when attempting a series of hills over a longer distance...
  • heavymental
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    Ah well....good motivation to address those issues then!