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Hand discomfort

Aux1Aux1 Posts: 865
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When I'm on a flat road, and just leaned with my weight pressing the palms on the bars, my hands don't feel comfortable. This started a few weeks ago. I don't seem to be able to find a relaxed hand position to lean on the bars (I'm okay at climbs and descents though, when not just resting on the bars but gripping them...)

So, what can I do? Just tilt the riser bar forward or backwards a bit 'til I find a good spot? Get softer grips or gloves?

Btw. you can see how my bars look like on the pic of the bike in the signature. Don't have the ergo grips anymore though, but round lock-ons.


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 81,520 Lives Here
    play with the bar position yes. but also consider some stubby bar ends to allow a change of hand rotation.
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  • Aux1Aux1 Posts: 865
    nicklouse wrote:
    play with the bar position yes. but also consider some stubby bar ends to allow a change of hand rotation.

    Yes it might be the bar position.... Some time ago I inverted the stem upwards thinking it'll be better for descending but found the front end too high for anything else so I put it back down, but then it seems I didn't leave the bars in the same position. I found a random photo of the bike where I could see where the white notches on the bars are in respect to the Ritchey stem logo, so I've tilted the bars to that same position again. Hope it'll help!

    Btw yes I was a great bar end fan on a flat bar, but somehow now it seems I like to grip the riser bars as wide as possible, probably gives you better balance and more precise steering.

    However bar ends might protect the levers & shifters if the bars hit the ground, and to change hand rotation. Worth the cons of a bit narrower hold on the bars?
  • Aux1Aux1 Posts: 865
    It's incredible how a smal forwardl tilt of the bars can turn the ride from pain to joy... :)
    Problem solved!

    P.s. Wish I had bar ends... I had a comical fall without injuries but my fancy, shiny Oro blake lever got scratched... :cry:

    Well, guess it's just part of the sport and everyone's fancy gear gets it eventually... :?
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