Tyre sizes? and slime

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afternoon all :)

I have a Raleigh Pioneer Commuter, which is apparently a hybrid, for commuting on.

It needs a new rear tyre, the original is a 700X38C. Is this the size I need to replace it with or can I fir something a bit slimmer to get more speed.

Also, I bought a spare innertube last week from Halfords that had slime already installed. Does this stuff work to prevent punctures? my commute is fairly lengthy (for me) and to keep getting punctures would make it very difficult to complete the journey in a reasonable time frame so anything to keep me mobile would be good !!


Chris :)
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    Depends on the width of your rim, but you're probably safe to go down to something as narrow as a 28mm - as long as the tyre carcass when inflated is wider than the rim is a good indicative guide. The tyre width as stated on the tyre often bears little relation to the actual size. As far a slime goes, it can sometimes work for small pin-point punctures but not for large splits. Some of the original tyre slime products used to pool and harden in the bottom of tyres making for a lumpy, unbalanced ride.
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  • Depends on your wheels, obviously, but as with my Super Galaxy tourer (originally fitted with 38cc), you can probably get down to 28cc. Makes quite a difference.

    No experience with slime but for helping prevent punctures I use Marathons on that bike.
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    Used slime on my MTB, never hada puncture.

    Not sure whether ito use it on the road bike.

    Maybe get armadillo tyres instead.

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    I tried that slime stuff a few years ago on an old mtb, first ride out. p******e, the stuff did not work for me. As said a better way and money well spent imo are tyres that give you greater protection, especially on a long commute like yours :)
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    I can't comment on the tyre size, but you should be able to down a size or 2. As for the inner tube with slime, it won't prevent punctures as such. What it will do is fill any very small hole if the tyre and tube does get punctured. On a couple of occassions I've found my tyre going flat, but after spinning the wheel and pumping it up again I've been able to ride quite normally. However it's still best to change the tube when you can.

    I've been saved a couple of times with slime tubes, but when they do go totally they can leave the rim and tyre a bit of a mess. I've also found it difficuly to get the tyre off in that instance.

    I'd go for slime if you're worried about being stranded, but I've actually switched back to normal tubes.

  • had slime on my road bike and had a puncture days after it was put in

    have slime in my mtb and havent had a puncture
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    One other thing. I always put the new tyre on the front. So, if I'm replacing a rear, I'll move the front tyre onto the rear and install the new on the front. I'd prefer my front to have nice fresh grip and less likelihood of blowout.

    I bought my last set of road tyres (Michelin Pro2) as a pair, but I'm too tight so I waited until my second tyre was ready to replace before they were matching again. (They're quite red and obviously different to the tyres I had).

    It's cross-posting, but perhaps ask the Commuting forum as well?
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    Thanks guys, much appreciated, extremely helpfull as ever :D

    The front tyres quite reasonable but the back is a bit bald and thats the one that punctured just as I got home (luckily, as it was hammering down with rain.)

    I won't bother with the slime again then, I'll see if I can get some armadillos in that size.

    Just another quick noobie question, I assume I'll need to exchange the new innertube I bought for a 700X28 to drop tyre size?


    Chris :)
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    Forgot to add, this probably should've been in the commuting forum but my commute is more of a road ride really, if you see what I mean. It's 38miles, at least half of which is busy national spped limit dual carrigeway and the other roads are mainly ! roads. Therefore I have a need, a need for speed :lol: thats why I thought I'd post it in the road beginners section.

    I also have a hankering for a proper roadbike to do this on so I thought i'd kind of leave my slippers in here, so to speak :lol:


    Chris :)
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  • I started using slime in my road tubes 2 years ago and pretty much elliminated flats due to punctures. Monday, while riding in the rain, I ran over something that put a 1/2" slice in my rear tire. After I reinflated, the slime actually held for a couple miles, but I ended up having to put in a boot to keep the tube from bulging out. When I pulled the tube out, there were more than a dozen spots where I had punctured and not known it.

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  • Panter
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    Thanks for that :)

    I bought an armoured tyre today,my LBS didn't have any armadillo's but had an iron-cap instead.

    I'll couple that with the slime innertube and see how it goes.

    That reminds me, I must put a boot in with the emergency tools........


    Chris :)
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