Tricross singlespeed-a possible fixie?

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My work has started the cycle to work scheme, and although I don't actually need it (I have a pompino) I've been toying with the getting the Specialised Tricross singlespeed and setting it up as a fixed. My head says no as I already have a fixie that is practical enough to take mudguards and big tyres for Winter use. Howeve II would be looking at a 40% saving once the tax is deducted and I'd be paying monthly over 18 months-would seem daft not to! Has anyone seen the singlespeed model? How does it look, or is the 2008 Langstera better bet? It looks better than the horrible 2007 model.


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    Wouldn't fancy it - elastomer inserts in the forks seem like a pure marketing wheeze to me. Even if they don't compromise the fork's strength, requiring it to be overbuilt to compensate, the elastomers will go hard eventually - and will you be able to get spares?

    OK if you regard bikes as disposable, I suppose.
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