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Just read a couple of your posts and was wondering...

I notice you ride in a similar area to me (I'm South/West Yorks border) and you say you ride fixed and single exclusively.

I was thinking of going down that route (I only seem to want gears when I ride with a bunch which rearely happens these days - time etc.) - how do you find it?

I was thinking of testing myself at the weekend by riding the fixed up Holme Moss - previously I've gone up using a 40" bottom gear and that was hard work.


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    Perhaps he's resting - or stunned...
  • Sorry I've not been reading everything because I've been busy.

    Holme moss on a fixie is hard work. I've done it on 63", but had to rest on the way up and stop for an icecream at the top.

    Generally I don't get onto the really big hills (all relative I know, Marsden Moor is hardly Alpe de Huez!) but it's all hilly round here. I generally ride alone and find that when I'm out for a gentle ride, freewheel is a lot more relaxing. For speed and or fitness purposes fixed is the way to go.

    When you're riding alone there isn't an issue with getting off and pushing occasionally (like Kona say, it comes with two additional gears: Stand and Push). Years of riding single speed MTBs tought me that it's OK to admit defeat and get off and push or even shoulder the bike. Even riding in a bunch with MTB riders that sort of thing is acceptable, the same doesn't seem to be true with roadies.

    The stangest thing on some of the really vicious climbs is when you see roadies zig zagging accross the road very, very slowly just so they can say they made the climb. Firstly it's potentially dangerous and inconsiderate to other road users, secondly you could probably push your steed up faster.

    The main thing from my point of view is that as long as you are happy travelling at your own pace it's a nice simple life.

    Having said all that I will soon have multiple geared bike. My single speed bike, an old Coventry Eagle, is to be converted to derailleur gears! Heresy!! A whole five gears with a range of 50" to 85". The reason for the switch is that when I'm out riding with my wife and her 18 gears I always end up sprinting up the hills because because it's impossible matching her low granny ring speed on a 72" gear and then waiting at the top. This is hardly very sociable behaviour, so I'm sticking a five speed block on the back so I can spend more leisure time with my wife.
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    Thanks for that insight.

    In retrospect I think a minimal bunch of gears may be the way foward for the road bike.

    Just trying to simplify things - it soon gets complicated though!