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Stuck seat post?

danadana Posts: 983
edited August 2007 in MTB workshop & tech
how would i remove a stuck seatpost? it's jammed in but i dont have enough grip to remove it as the seats come of! is it possible or should i take it to my lbs?
thanks dan,


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    have a rear of the twelve ways to remove a stuck seat post on sheldon brown.
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  • danadana Posts: 983
    thanks, ill try the hacksaw trick tomorrow then! as thats the only one that doesnt involve pulling on the saddle!
    thanks again,
  • jaysonjayson Posts: 4,606
    One of the monkeys in my local halfords said he unjammed a stuck seatpost by using car brake fluid and letting it soak over a couple days then giving it a good twist.

    I dont know how succesful this technique really is but it mite be worth a try if all else fails.
  • Big n DaftBig n Daft Posts: 418
    :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

    Er.......I wouldn't do that if you value any sort of paint job on your frame.

    Car brake fluid does exactly the same as bike brake fluid.

    Spill it on any painted surface and it will strip paint down to bare metal.
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  • deanvwdeanvw Posts: 412
    i found out the hard way. it took the paint of my seatpost lol. looks better now.
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