1st Road Bike, B.H anyone ?

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I'm after a new road bike, having previously only ever owning a MTB.

I have around £600 to spend and need it to get fit and also to commute to work(after the Dr's to away my driving licence)

Went to my LBS and the chap enthused about B.H bike, tried it out and it seemed sweet, but to be honest i am not sure what i should be expecting for that price, and bikes have moved on since my last purchase


  • The BH L60, won Cycling Plus Bike of the Year in 2006 and they make the Tri bikes that look like Preying Mantis so they must be good

    or is that Preying Manti
  • blackhands
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    I've just bought a BH carbon frame - haven't finished building it up yet so I don't know how it rides but but it looks good. BH are a well known Spanish bike maker.
  • andyhuf
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    Hi I got a BH bike last year, I paid £500 for it. It has Mirage gears Rodi Stylus wheels and it's OK. Six months down the line I wished I had got something lighter and higher speced. I bought a Focus Cayo. It was a£1000 but money well spent I now use the BH as a winter bike with race blades on it.
    I would look at http://www.wiggle.co.uk/ProductDetail.a ... ike%202007 and compare it to the BH you get a lot of bike for your money with Focus bikes.
  • ascurrell
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    They're got a good reputation,however don't forget the shop salesman is going to be slightly biased. Try others around that price range as well.
    Don't forget this years models will soon be old and will soon be some good reductions and may allow you to go for a higher specced bike,
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    I've got a BH L35 18 months ago as my first bike, and it has served me very well. Smooth to ride and quite comfy. They are not as well known in the UK, but here in France are more popular. Bike magazines here rate them as good VFM.