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New York???

NFMCNFMC Posts: 232
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I'm going to New York in October for a week (travelling there on my own). I'm tempted to either take my bike or to hire one when I'm there.

I'm quite used to cycling around London so I'm hoping that I'll be OK with the traffic.

Has anyone else ever cycled around New York? Is it worth the hassle of bagging up and taking the bike and finding a hotel that will allow me to bring my bike to my room?

Or...I might just do a tourist tour. I've seen which looks pretty good. Anyone else any ideas/recommendations?


  • You could ride around Central Park, certainly on a Sunday you won't be alone as there's all sorts out there from families to all out roadies. It's not the most taxing of routes but you'll get amazing views of the park and of the buildings that border it.

    You could of course ride on the roads but apart from them being a bit dodgy they are of course dead straight and thus very boring.

    Actually come to think of it there may be some kind of cycle path on the riverside walk on the west side of Manhattan. I'm not sure if it goes all the way round but it may well do.
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  • NFMCNFMC Posts: 232
    Thanks...I've cycled around Central Park a few years ago when I was there with my wife. We hired bikes from the place there in the park and they were the worst bikes I've ever seen. Probably left out in the rain all winter.

    If I hire this time I'll see if I can get a decent one from a specialist shop.

    I guess you're right, that the roads will be pretty straight and boring, but - if I do take my bike - I'd be doing it as an alternative way of sightseeing and I always find that tootling around on a bike gets you into conversations so, as I'm on my own this time, it might be a good idea.

    I've also seen on the internet that there are plenty of traffic free routes (even over Brooklyn Bridge) so that might be good.
  • Take a train out of New York one day into upstate NY / Conneticut.

    I was there in February and it looked like very good cycling territory. Lots of hills, lots of trees.

    (Of course I didnt have the bike !)

    I can't remember the exact train line but it went through Bedford Hills and onto Brewster.
  • Not quite what you are asking, but based on the value of the dollar, it might be worth buying a bike out there if you are in the market for one. I'm going out there in September and I'm hoping to buy one, ride it around a bit to dirty it up, and take it home with me. If all goes well I'll defray about half the price of my air ticket that way.

    While Manhattan isn't exactly bike heaven, from what I know (its been years since I've been there), a bike would be a very good way to explore the outer neighbourhoods, such as Queens or the very north tip of Manhattan. There is a big urban cycling scene there, it would be fun to be part of it, even for a few days.

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  • deafiedeafie Posts: 4
    The bike path by the Hudson river goes all the way up to the Bronx. For a great ride take it up to the George Washington Bridge and cross over the river, turn right at the end of the bridge, go straight till you come to a T junction, turn left then first right and go straight for about 45 miles till you hit Bear Mountain. It's a beautiful tree lined route with some great views , excellent tarmac, wide shoulder and the drivers give you a wide birth. It's hugely popular route with the roadies, At the weekend you'll see hundreds of 'em.

    If you don't want to do the century there is a nice village at the 25 mile mark called piermont ( follow the sign for the business district ) and another a few miles after that whose name escapes me, where you can stop and get a feed or whatever before you turn back The second village has a better cafe, just ask a biker for directions.

    Biking is the best way to see NYC, it's so easy to find your way. You can get a free street map with all the bike routes on at most bike shops. It might be worth taking a compass.
    Theft is a big problem in the city so it might be worth buying a cheap beater bike from here
    The 5 Borough Bike Club do some cool rides at the weekend and it's free
    Good luck.
  • blorgblorg Posts: 1,169
    I hired a bike (basic Trek hybrid) while in Manhattan. You can cycle in Central Park, sure, but also did the length and breath of the island. Found it very useful indeed to get around on. I have not cycled in London for many years but traffic in Manhattan was not a problem at all, very courteous IMHO compared to Dublin.
  • jc4labjc4lab Posts: 554

    Did this a couple of years ago...also note Halloween is big in New york and there is a parade.Lots of Hallowen bike rides you can do too..New York is great..There are bike lanes over most of the bridges and also throuigh Times square believe it or not..Get yourself a New york cycle map from the larger bike stores when youy are there..Its also downloadable from the Net but massive to print
  • NFMCNFMC Posts: 232
    Thanks for all your comments. I think I'm almost definitely going to do this.

    I've got an old mountain bike with road tires that's gathering dust in my brother's garage so I may clean it up, give it a bit of a service and take that across. That way I won't be too worried if I get it pinched. I might even sell it when I get there to save me bringing it back!

    Now I need to find a hotel which will allow me to store it in my room or have somewehere to lock it up. This might be my biggest issue.

    Thanks again.
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