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Fitting a 9 speed LX Cassette

shivadreadshivadread Posts: 110
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Oh wise ones,

I have just brought a pair of Mavic Crossride Wheels and a new Shimano Lx 9 speed cassette.

The problem I have is that the main cassette fits nice and snuggly on the hub but when I put the three loose small chainwheels on they move from side to side slightly on the hub.

I have put the Lockring partially on but they still move from side to side, i didn't tighten it up all the way though just in case I needed to adjust them.

I've got the Park Tools book but it doesn't mention anything in it, where am I going wrong.


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    there should be a spacer on the freebody before the cassette.
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  • shivadreadshivadread Posts: 110
    There was only one spacer and i thought that fitted between the cassette and the first loose cog as if it didn't go there the first loose cog would be too close to the cassette
  • shefbikershefbiker Posts: 255
    yeh, recently bought the same wheels... as nick says, there is a spacer that comes with the wheelset that goes on the freehub body before you put the cassette on...

    you mentioned that you'd put the spacer between the main cassette and the smallest cog?? the shimano cassettes have a block of 6 sprockets, a spacer, and then three separate smaller cogs before the lockring. (shimano website has a good exploded view for reference)

    There is another spacer that comes with the wheelset to put behind the cassette...

    hope this helps
  • XTCRiderXTCRider Posts: 113
    If you bought them off CRC , recheck packaging that wheels came in, thats where mine was

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  • shivadreadshivadread Posts: 110
    Thanks for your help, found that missing spacer sellotaped to the front wheel, now everything ok :P
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