Just did my 1st 56 mile race

aberfeldyweather Posts: 44
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as part of a 1/2 ironman. :D

It was 12 C and it rained hard for most of the way. It took me 3 hrs 49, slow but I had never cycled more than 42 miles before.

My feet were so numb I could barely walk when i finished. I think I would have been quicker if:

I were fitter and lighter, natch
I had tri bars
I had a fast bike and not my 300 squid CB triple (which did an admirable job)
I wore all skintight clothing
I wasn't so nervous and slow on the descents (a few folks came off).

Don't feel too bad today 24 hours later, all I can think about is doing it again, quicker. It was murder but it was great.


  • mw336
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    Congratulations, and at least you gave it a go.