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Thought I'd give this a little plug on here - see if anyone was interested - I have posted in the "road rides" section but thought it might get a bit of interest here (unless bikeradar really is London-centric!)

Blackpool "ride the lights" event on Tuesday the 28th August - 6 miles of traffic-free riding on the Blackpool promenade from starr gate in the south up to Bispham in the north - covering the full length of the Blackpool illuminations which will be switched on between 8pm and 10pm as a preview before the main switch-on on the friday of that week.

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last years was excellent - it was a bit windy and i wasn't sure if there would be anyone turning out. The director of leisure and culture of Blackpool council told me they would have been happy with about five or six hundred people turning out - they got between 2000 - 2500 on the night last year - casting the event into the calendar as an annual event!

Anyway - I'll be there on the mountain bike with my 3yr old daughter in her seat on the back - hope to see some of you there!


  • Sounds good but i don't really do much mileage so might need to blag a lift up there as the ride is 6 miles and then i'd have another 9 or 10 to get home which might not sound a lot to most people on here but to me it is and considering I'll have my 3 yr old daughter on her weeride with me and 8 o'clock is her bedtime she will probably have a severe case of the wobblyheads.
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    Aye, me, the gfd and the kids will be ridin the lights again this year. Just watch out for the local chavs racin each other ;)
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    I didn't think it was "too" chav-filled last year - the main problem I found was people (of all ages) not knowing how to ride in a large group - stopping and turning around without looking etc...

    there were a handful of spills last year - be careful!
  • Did it last year with the wife. Well worth the effort.

    Unfortunatly we've double booked for next week as I forgot about it until reading this post :oops:
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    one more nudge to the top of the forum - it's on tonight

    Looking decent on the weather front too!
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    What a great night and chip supper, doughnuts, cups of tea...I took us nearly an hour to ride down the prom. It was great to see so many familys, some of the kids even had stabilisers.

    I wouldn't say the chavs caused problems , but the "would be racers trying to go fast" not sure what they were trying to prove.....but i can guess. It was a night out not a training bash.

    What a great night out, well done Blackpool council and whoever else made this possible. We can't wait till next year, and are going to mention it to more of our friends, maybe even make a day of it in Blackpool.

    Does anyone have any photos?
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    it was a great night! - even better than last year - the bit longer course to see the big illuminations in Bispham made all the difference.

    I've not heard a figure quoted for attendance although it did get a very good review in the local paper - I would reckon around 3000+ riders. Last year estimate was around 2500 and it seemed as busy but over a longer course.

    It was great to see so many families out - I had my 3yr old daughter in her childseat on the back this year and she loved it - we were in a group of about 14 people all of whom loved the night out. We alsos stopped and had some chips in Bispham - that chippy owner must have thought xmas had come early!

    I know what you mean about the 'racers' - no need was there!

    I actually work for the council, albeit in the education authority, but I am friends with the director of culture and leisure and will be sure to mention your comments. Last years was a surprise as they expected maybe 800 people to turn out and would have been happy with 500 - in the end it was estimated at 2500 turned out - and the success of this years means it will almost certainly be cast into the calendar as an annual event.

    I have a couple of pics on my phone and will try to get them posted somehow.