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I've got a Trek 7.3fx. I live in a city and most cycling is done on roads. The tyres are made for roads. But, I'm soon to be going on honeymoon in Scotland and we're thinking of doing some light trails too. Should I get different tyres put on with more grip?

Also, my fiancee wants a bike but, given its really just for the odd time she joins me in the countryside, doesn't want to pay over £300. Any suggestions?


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    I've tried searching on the web but to no avail. Any help appreciated
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    Since nobody has chipped yet in i'll have a go :)

    Regarding your tyres; If your tyres are made for roads then it would be a good idea to change them, you should be able to pick up some reasonable Tyres for £15 each, or you could spend up to nearer £30 :shock:

    Regarding a bike for the missus, now is a good time to shop since the 08 models are out now and huge savings can be had. I found a hybrid cyle for a woman her efor £300:

    http://www.benhaywardcycles.com/shop/in ... ductId=145

    Or theres a MTB here:

    http://www.theedgecycleworks.com/index. ... 01&cid=440

    Try to look out for WSD (woman specific design)

    Also get yourselves to Evans cycles or somewhere she can havea sit on...

    I got my girlfriend this http://www.jejamescycles.co.uk/cat1004/id35988.html. She loves it :P

    Hope this helps and excuse the errrors, im still pissed from last night :lol:

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    Many thanks for advice

    How much tread do I need for trails? Mountain bike amounts? In between?
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    I dont think there is a set depth of tread to look for, its more about the compound. Softer compounds will be more grippy but you will sacrifce speed, especially on the road. Have a look at tyres here:

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    Are the Trek hybrid wheels 700c? If so there's not as much choice as in the MTB size. What sort of trails are you considering? Most of the Sustrans type routes are hard surfaces, Tarmac, gravel, rolled stone...tread won't make any difference, though it'd be a good idea to have tough tyres as they can get cut up, something like the Marathons or Vittoria Randonneurs. If the trail surfaces are likely to be softer tread will help, I’ve no recommendation as I’ve never used any. If you Google cyclocross tyres you’ll get plenty of choice. I’ve done several long distance Sustrans routes on Randonneurs without any problems. On the occasional bit where more tread would have been an advantage I’ve just taken it easy or if it got too bad, walked. If I’d had knobbly tyres they’d have slowed me down and offered less grip on the majority of surfaces.
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    I went to a cycle shop today and they say my existing tyres will be fine for the sort of thing I'm thinking of
  • Just come back from Northumberland, including pratting about on MTBs with the family around Kielder. With the rain recently, even on some of the light trails I was very glad we all had real mud-pluggers fitted :roll: