Moulton Mini

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Anyone got a decent photo of a 1960's Moulton Mini (preferably red, single speed, with tartan rack bag).

I had one of these beauties when I was a kid and utterly failed to appreciate what a work of art it was so did what kids should do with a bike and rode it to destruction. (For example, the weight of my sister sitting on the rack, caused it to bend downwards; many nights left out the rain/dew gave it interesting oxidisation patina etc etc.) It eventually went, dare I confess, to the council tip, thence, I am sure, to landfill.

Anyway, now that I am 40 something and still bike-crazy, I would love a nice clean image of the thing for my website.

Failing a photo, any other Moulton enthusiasts out there with fond memories of the time when they cost less than several grand a pop?

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