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Ventimiglia to Col D'Agnello via Col Tende

dsoutardsoutar Posts: 1,746
edited August 2007 in Tour & expedition
Anyone done this ? Seems like an epic day out (200km+ and a lot of ascent) but the road is pretty narrow in the Roya gorge - is it dangerous to cycle on ?


  • knedlickyknedlicky Posts: 3,097
    The Col de Tende road can be pretty busy, it wouldn't be my normal choice of route. You can find equally challenging routes on smaller roads both sides of the border, albeit without the high elevation you reach crossing Agnello.

    Col d'Agnello's roadway surfacing has been improved within the last decade, when one of the Tours (France or Italy, I forget which) incorporated it in its route. Before then, it was like stepping back 50 years.
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