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First (six-week) tour after 25 years

camDaveTcamDaveT Posts: 7
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But it won't be that long till the next one. I've been back a week, and I'm already planning next year's trip from Milan to Sicily, to say I've 'done' Europe. But then, of course, I'll want to do the route through Norway, Holland, France and Spain to Gibraltar, then from West Ireland to the Black Sea, then.... Roll on retirement!

For my own records and the benefit of a few friends & family who wanted to keep up with me, I logged my travels at

I hadn't done any webby stuff before, but I found that with a few batch files to read in pictures and GPS logs together with an XSTL script, it was quite quick to generate daily pages which just required comments for pictures and a bit of description. If anyone's interested, I can forward the (fairly rough and ready) scripts I used.

The initial intention of the site explains why there are no contact details - the people who I expected to read it knew how to get to me anyway.

The 'wherever' bit is because when registering the site, I didn't know how far I'd get before I had to return for a family wedding.


  • Hairy JockHairy Jock Posts: 558
    Why not just just blogging software, something Wordpress?
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  • I did register with Wordpress, but I had an idea (derived from other similar sites) of what I wanted to produce, and didn't have time to work out how to achieve it through Wordpress.
    Also, two of the people I wanted to keep updated didn't have any meaningful internet access, so I ended up zipping the entire site, emailing it to a trusted party who could walk round a copy to the interested person, unzip it on their PC and pretend that the internet had just been updated.
  • jibijibi Posts: 857
    For my web site I used Googlepages, and Picasa web albums
    If you have a gmail account you can use them both for free.

    Googlepages(GP) has loads of templates to choose from, very simple to use and the pics are mostly links to photos in Picasa.

    GP allows you to have 4 different URL's and you can upload 100 files to each of them, either photos or your own webpages.

    Using GP allowed me to quickly update my webpages, I had to just type in the text and post the pics and the chosen template took care of the layout, its not the the prettiest site on the web but it was fast and easy to do

    I then registered my own domain name and redirect to the GP index.

    and.....having the 100 file upload allowance is good for posting pics on here or other forums.

  • videomanvideoman Posts: 29
    Just started to read your write up of your trip, great and really interesting and is something I would love to do. I will have to finish the rest off this evening when I have more time.
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