Assos cycle gear

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Been looking at the Assos range for a while now, just wondered if anyone else has made the plunge and what they think against lower priced manufacturers.

Thanks in advance.


  • penugent
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    I've got 2 pairs of bib shorts and 1 top. It is quality kit, but I'm not sure if it's worth the full difference between it and other good kit - my buys were based on a mixture of birthday pressies and discounts.
  • popette
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    hiya, I finally took the plunge on Wednesday after getting really fed up of sore bits. The shorts have made the biggest difference out of the things I've tried so far - I'm on my fourth saddle. I'm not fussed about the tops but I'll definitely buy assos shorts from now on as there really is a noticeable difference.
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    I've used Assos kit for a number of years now. The current range of shorts are worth every penny in my book as I haven't found anything else that comes near the comfort or fit. If they keep you on the bike for an extra hour, then they are worth the money!
    The jerseys are nice too, but I don't think they represent particularly good value. There are plenty of alternatives out there, for much less cash. The 'airblock' fabric they use on their Gilets and jackets I have found to be very effective in blocking windchill. My jacket is still going strong after 4 years, so although it was expensive at the time, it was a worthwhile investment.
  • Blonde
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    It is overpriced but on the other hand it is the best kit you can buy as well. The shorts are amazing. Of course, if you are happy with the ones you have, there's no real need to change, but I struggled to get comfy on the bike till I tried the men's 'Mille' bibs and waist shorts. I don't usually like waist shorts, but assos ones don't have any elastic at the front and are dipped at the front too, so you don't get them digging in round the waist or stomach and yet they stay up well. Other brands are now imitating this design. The jerseys and gilets (men's) fit me better than other brands, inclcung supposedly 'women specific' ones I've tried. The materials they use are low bulk yet high tech, and the cut/design of the clothing, includung seam placement, is very well researched and thought out and the research they have done into chamois shape and design really shows. You also get fantasic after sales service - if you ever have any prblems with assos clobber, even long after they are out of warranty for taking them back to the shop you got them from, assos themselves will exchange or mend any faulty item - even putting new logos on for you. Do take a look at the other assos thread in this section ("Where to buy assos") as your questions about assos have already been answered very recently.