Giant SCR- opinions and models

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HI Guys,

Still trying to decide on my first bike to buy- I want something for light touring, commuting, and fast riding, so was tempted to go for the Giant SCR. As far as components go, for the complete cycling beginner on a budget, will there be a big enough difference between the SCR 3.0 and the SCR 2.0?


  • phreak
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    I got the OCR4 as my first bike, which I believe is practically identical to the SCR4. It's served me well so far, although I havn't tried anything else so my opinion isn't really that qualified :lol:
  • cberry
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    Also just found a good deal on the Trek Pilot 1.0- any rec's on that? I could still get the SCR 3.0 for about 75 pounds cheaper than the SCR 3.0.
  • Zain
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    Hi people

    just ordered my first ever road bike and it's a SCR 1.0 :)

    Just a quick question, (thought I'd ask on here rather than starting another thread)
    the bike is coming mail order (winstanleys) and will need assembling, any idea what's involved and if a semi competent adult could achieve this?

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    I purchased the scr 3.0 in May from winstanleys and and the only assembling required was fitting the front wheel , handlebars and pedals and it had been given a p.d.i before delivery.
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    Did you get the '07 or '08 bike? I see they made quite a change to the next year.