Should i file off my tabs???



  • Didn't realise this was such an old thread. This year I have decided the forks are out of warranty and have carefully filed the lawyer lips off the two forks that had them.
    Now the quick releases do what they are supposed to. Both forks carbon , one with alloy tips, one with carbon tips.
    None of my older bikes with steel/alloy forks needed lawyer lips, and I have downloaded the advanced quick release operating instructions, so I hope to be allright!
  • Scrumple
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    Errr - yes!


    No need

  • cervelors
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    It is common in racing circles to file them away. The wheel will pop off in one quick move, but like all racing benefits, it does bring a small risk . In this case; of the wheel coming free if you have a loose QR.
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    ill stick with spending an extra 3 seconds for piece of mind.