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BBC against cycling

cupofteacpcupofteacp Posts: 578
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The BBC have decided to warn a Blue Peter presenter for appearing at a pro cyling press conference with London mayor Ken Livingstone

It's good to know where the BBC stand
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  • I noticed they'd made her withdraw her support! Which is funny considering how enthusiastic she was about it on the telly...
  • ShadowduckShadowduck Posts: 845
    It sounds more like the problem was the (supposed) political nature of the event than anything to do with cycling. I can kind of see why the Beeb wouldn't want Blue Peter associated with party politics.

    'Course, Ken denies it was political...
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  • Hairy JockHairy Jock Posts: 558
    It is about party politics, not cycling, so what the problem?
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  • overmarsovermars Posts: 430
    The problem was with Blue Peter.

    The aforementioned well known institution was caught ripping off its viewers with fake competitions for x number of years. :evil:
    In an attempt to clean up its image they thought of hitching their wagon to the current cycling boom. Unfortunately the BBC were pegged back by Tory mp's who didn't like the oxygen it was giving to Mayor Kenny.

    I for one think Blue Peter should clean up its image. We cyclists don't need other organisations sullying our image. :wink:
  • The BBC just caved in. I don't think they're evil, just a bit pathetic.
  • But at the end of the day was this really a 'political event'? Here's one view from that BBC report. (Albeit from Ken Livingstone).

    "The Hovis London Freewheel is a new event to promote cycling and London and supporting this event cannot in any reasonable view be regarded as party political."

    I also see that the it was argued that she shouldn't have attended an event which was associated with 'campaigning'. I know that the far-right seem to think that the BBC should only reflect the sort of attitudes expressed in papers such as 'The Daily Mail', but this fear of criticism from the political right for supporting entirely praiseworthy causes is getting to be ludicrous.

    Just look at the way BBC has barred its employees from making positive references to campaigns such as the 'Make poverty history' on the basis that doing so would show 'political bias'. What do those who argue 'bias' want to see? 'Balance' being introduced by showing a program in favour of third world starvation perhaps?

    Apparently, the complainant, Brian Coleman is totally pro-car and anti-cycling and was responsible for ripping out speed reduction measures and cycle lanes in Barnet. Apparently his borough also has the lowest spend in London on cycling facilities. By pandering to the complaints of BBC 'bias' by such people, the BBC inevitably introduces a bias in the opposite direction, which is the very clear aim of people like him and Paul Dacre.
  • No it wasn't. The BBC have been bounced by some politically inspired pressure.
  • waiwai Posts: 36
    Yes, but no, but yes, but no.
  • What are you trying to say? Out with it.
  • BentMikeyBentMikey Posts: 4,895
    I don't think the BBC is anti-cycling at all, and this seems to be quite a misleading topic heading. OTOH, there's not much right going on either side about this, excluding of course the Freewheel event itself.
  • BentMikey wrote:
    I don't think the BBC is anti-cycling at all

    That would explain the BBC's coverage of cycle sport over the years, as exemplified by the BBC's dismissive treatment of cycling on the 'Sports personality of the year' competition! :shock:

    In reality the BBC does have a number of biases which work against the interests of cycling. One is the BBC's strong pro-helmet agenda. The BBC seemingly never allows one of it's presenters to appear on a bike without a cycle helmet on, also pressuring others who appear in front of the camera on a bike to do likewise. I recall that on The Holiday Program the presenter was required to take a cycle helmet to Amsterdam as the locals don't wear them and to make a comment on this to camera, and yet the same show showed another presenter taking part in a 4x4 rally without even wearing a seat belt and another 'quad biking' at high speed across a desert wearing only headscarf!

    Another is the BBC's anti speed enforcement agenda. Not long ago the BBC's on-line news service had seemingly adopted a policy of placing a link to lunatic anti speed enforcement groups such as 'Safespeed' every time it ran a story on speed cameras, and yet it refused to also provide links to groups such as The Slower Speeds Initiative and Roadpeace. ( Though this does seem to happen less now after many complaints were sent to the BBC concerning this rather obvious bias).

    Similarly, look at those programs which the BBC has broadcast over the years which display a blatant anti speed enforcement bias. I saw on one by the 'Look North' team where the presenter teamed up with a Lincolnshire traffic cop, visiting Lincolnshire and Germany, with the presenter repeatedly making misleading claims. For example, arguing that as the fatality rate on Germany's motorways is less than Lincolnshire roads, speeding was not relevant to casualty reduction! Of course, no mention was made of the fact that a typical Lincolnshire road, what with side roads, single lanes, farm traffic and all the rest is hardly comparable with a German autobahn!

    Then there is the way the BBC reports on cyclist road deaths and injuries. What's more they rarely bother reporting cyclist casualties unless someone has been killed but they certainly are quick off the mark in reporting even a minor injury cause by an irresponsible cyclist!

    Then there is 'Top Gear'...
  • AndyGatesAndyGates Posts: 8,467
    Injuries caused by cyclists are rare because bikes are so inherently safe and civil. That makes them newsworthy, in a "man bites dog" kind of way. Small wonder they're reported.

    I can't help feeling that there's a small personal axe being ground here.
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  • overmarsovermars Posts: 430
    Nevertheless.... come the 23rd we shall ride. Oh yes we shall. 8)
  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    What a load of rubbish - I've seen cycling on Blue Peter lots of times. In fact cougie jr won a blue peter badge in a cycling related competition.
    And anyone remember the Go with Noakes when he attempted the Milk Race ? I'd love to see that one again.
  • aurelio wrote:
    BentMikey wrote:
    I don't think the BBC is anti-cycling at all

    In reality the BBC does have a number of biases which work against the interests of cycling. One is the BBC's strong pro-helmet agenda. The BBC seemingly never allows one of it's presenters to appear on a bike without a cycle helmet on, ...

    I wonder what the BBC executives would do if a Sikh was riding a bike on tellie? The dichotomy of wanting to enforce helmet use and not wanting to offend ethnic minorities would probably make their heads explode like the Fembots in 'Austin Powers'.
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  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    Oh theres good BBC coverage of the MTN Worlds from Fort William on the website - a fair bit of video. Not sure if they had shown it on tv over the weekend - I was out riding.
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