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Ice packs

mangamanmangaman Posts: 704
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Hi all
I have a dodgy knee which I have been told to ice after exercise

I usually stick a bag of frozen peas over it when I get home and it really helps

I'm looking for a more user friendly ice pack, or something similar, I can strap on my knee after a ride which I can take on holiday

Anyone have any experience?



  • If you go to Superdrugs or Boots you can buy disposable ice packs that you just crush in hand, i brought some and keep one in my camelback. A lot easier, place in bin after use.
  • rikkrikk Posts: 734
    Try this :- ... coldknee30

    I have one for my ankle and it's much nicer than an ice pack as you can put it on and go about your normal stuff.
  • mbukfanmbukfan Posts: 3,052
    I tend to either use a wheat pack (which you stick in the freezer) as you can also heat them up or use the disposable ice packs. Some seem to set off easier tha others, not so good if you want to throw it in a pack with your other gear.
    I use the ones from st john supplies but since I'm in St John Ambulance they're what I've got anyway.

    sometimes deep heat work better for pain relief (or at least taking your mind off it)
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  • original post from a little while back now but i've only just seen this thread.....

    I use ice packs regularly on my knee and legs - the best I have used on the following link: ... 4&PCid=259

    I've got the 12" for knee/thigh/back - fill the ice bag with ice cubes/flakes (you will need to either buy or make a lot of ie cubes if you use it regularly!), and strap it around said area. Works brilliantly, and no effort to hold it in place. Can even walk around with it still on!

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