Giant Bowery!?

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I've just stumbled across the Giant Bowery on the web. Looks niiiiiice. Trouble is there's no mention of cost and I can't find anybody selling them online. Anybody know how much?
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  • Yantmk
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    no pricing on the UK giant website
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    Sh#t! I read the title of the thread as "Giant Brewery". Now that I'm here and its about bikes, not so interested.
  • Yantmk wrote:
    no pricing on the UK giant website

    Some companies give a really fair exchange rate from dollars to sterling. Giant aren't too bad at all, the OCR 2 lists at $900 stateside, over here they sell for around £500. So the $575 list should mean the bowery is about £320 over here.

    There was me thinking of buying something sensible like a Kona Smoke for £300 and then this comes along. :wink:
    "Swearing, it turns out, is big and clever" - Jarvis Cocker
  • i called in at fulford cycles york two days ago and he quoted £350 for the bowery
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    yorkie_199 wrote:
    i called in at fulford cycles york two days ago and he quoted £350 for the bowery

    £350 and UK spec includes brakes. it also has mudguard eyes ut I' not sure on clearance. Frame is alumimium. There is a pi and detailsin the new Giant catalogue
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    wrongster by any other name, in this case, bowery - shame on them.
  • Peejay,

    It would seem that any bike like this will be a wrongster in your opinion?

    Some people like em, some don't.

    It's whatever floats your boat.

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    ignore me. every now and then i forget to take my medication.

    i used to be like this with bromptons, but ever since they split the old forums up i haven't had to put up with horrible titled threads regarding folding bikes. i do miss origamist though, and the banter, especially his postmodern take on "strider" folders.

    anyway, it left a hollowness, a void, until one day i saw a 'london' wangster and BOOM. the fires of passion and insane hatred were rekindled, like an angry emasculated phoenix, rising, awkwardly from the ashes.
  • i bought one of these at Edwardes in Camberwell (London) on Wed this week
    they changed the bars to bull horns (inc new tape and levers) and threw in a pair of shimano spd's for 325 all in.

    only been out once on it and its a nice ride, haven't tried the fixed hub yet tho...
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    Does anyone know what size tyres these can take and if there is room for mudguards?