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Whitby Abbey climb

Was in Whitby last week and got to wondering how feasible it would be to ride the cobbled climb alongside the 199 steps up to the Church and Abbey. I figured on an MTB it wouldn't be too bad but on a road bike it would be a different matter. Has anyone does this on a road bike or not?
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  • slimbobslimbob Posts: 35
    I go to Whitby quite alot so now you've set the challenge I'll take my bike and give it a go. Because it is so short I reckon it will be ok with a little bit of speed - hopefully fair better than the guy in his car last week who lost the front and back of his car, oops!!
  • John C.John C. Posts: 2,113
    I know the road you mean, and I agree I wouldn't do it on my best bike but on a winter bike why not. Any hill is ridable it's just a matter of setting your stall out properley.

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