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Early morning rides from London

Hi there,

Does anybody know of group rides that leave early in the morning on weekends, from the London area?

I am talking 6:30 - 7:00am sort of times.

Ideally, I would be after rides that meet around Richmond Park, and head out through the Surrey Hills.

Hope there are some early birds out there!




  • MossriderMossrider Posts: 226
    I occasionally ride in London and found it very easy to simply tag on to groups meeting at the gates in Richmond park - I would try to go in on the hour or half hour and simply ask if you can tag on. Alternatively ride out past Hampton Court - there are groups passing every few minutes. I think one of the larger clubs actually meets there at 8am and 9 am on a Sunday.
  • Thanks for the Reply Mossrider.

    The point of my post was to find out aout any rides that leave "early" in the morning.

    8/9am isn't early.

    Maybe I am just weird, but I am used to riding in Australia (Melbourne) where you are heading out on the bike at 6-6:30am. I get the impression that this isn't the done thing here?

    Anybody else have a family, and need to get out early like me?

  • andypandyp Posts: 8,354

    I tend to go out a bit later myself but quite often on rides out at the weekend I'll see people heading home as I'm heading out so there must be someone doing so.

    If you're ever in Sigma Sport in Hampton Wick it might be worth asking the guys there if they know any groups that leave from outside the shop that early at weekends.

    Hopefully someone will be along shortly inviting you to join their group.
  • Thanks andyp.

    I'm yet to head out in that direction yet, hence the reason for wanting to join a group to do so for the first time.

  • MossriderMossrider Posts: 226
    Yes - thats why I've never joined the Hampton Court crowd. When I'm in London I set off from Clapham at 06.30 to 07.00 and have had no problems finding groups either in Richmond Park or on the way through Kingston. I'm often back around 11ish after 70 odd miles so I'll be one of the ones seen coming back!
  • Sounds like I should just head out early, and see how I go.


  • MossriderMossrider Posts: 226
    I tend to see people gathering around Roehampton gate so call there en route. By the way - if you are used to Australian riding, you may not be so keen to be out so early come winter...
  • Aussie cyclists are tough. :wink:

    Winter riding in Melbourne isn't that different to London actually - except for the snow.

    I was fine this past winter riding around Richmond Park early in the morning. Neglecting to wear something over my ears, and no booties one morning was a big mistake though! :shock:
  • MossriderMossrider Posts: 226
    Try that in the Pennines where I normally live.

    I used to have fingers!
  • I'm often going through RP at about 7.00 on a weekend morning, heading out to the Surrey Hills. OK I'm not exactly a 'group' but if you fancy it drop me an email - address is in my profile.
  • mwr549mwr549 Posts: 95

    I would be up for that also, as I also have a young family.

    How far do you normally ride?

    (I was catching him until he turned off)
  • mwr549 wrote:

    I would be up for that also, as I also have a young family.

    How far do you normally ride?

    Between 60 and 70 miles - home in time for lunch!

    I can't do this weekend but might be able to do the Sunday 9th Sept. Drop me a line if you're interested, my email's in my profile.
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