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Starting out bike

bigdrew1bigdrew1 Posts: 353
edited August 2007 in XC and Enduro
Hey all. I am really considering starting do do a bit of XC riding. I have been riding trials (As in no seat, hopping around on rear wheel) for 2 years now but fancy doing something else along side it. So I suppose the first ting I will be needing is a half dedicated bike:)

I am working at halfords so I think a Carrera would be my best choice as I will get staff discount. I am 16 and don't have a great deal of money. The most I would be willing to spend would be abut £500. I Imagen I'd use the bike for cycling to school as well as riding trails.

I have just spotted the Decathlon Rockrider 8.1 So at the moment it is a toss up between that and a Fury

I am slightly inclined towards the Fury due to the discount I'll be able to get. They both look VERY similar the real differences I can spot are the LX drive chain oppose to the sram x.7 on the carrera and the clipless pedals on Decathlons offering .

So basically just wondering which of these I would be better off with? and is there anything that needs desperately upgrading on either of them.

Thanks for you help.


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