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New forks for Caldera ?

the mvpsthe mvps Posts: 49
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Recently bought 2nd hand Kona Caldera '06 after rediscovering cycling

Having read some of the posts on here, the universal opinion is that the standard forks (Marzocchi MZ 2) are censored and should be replaced.

So here's the questions

1. what forks should I look to be replacing them with & how much should I spend ?
2. Should I stay away from 2nd hand forks from ebay ?
3. Or not replace them at all !!!!!

Ride mainly off road - some trails & canal paths - but have to go on the road to get there !!

Any advice would be gratefully recieved !!


  • Big n DaftBig n Daft Posts: 418
    302 Toras, without a doubt,

    You can get fixed travel versions @ a 100mm, but most frames will wear around an extra 20mm of travel so a u-turn wont be a major problem, just use it between 100 and 120mm and it should be fine.

    Has lockout for road riding and rebound damping as well.

    For the sort of riding your planning this imho will be the perfect fork, all for a £111 from Wiggle. As long as the steerer tube width matches your frame, buy it quick.

    2nd hand forks are a big risk, i personally would stay well away from anything that has already been fitted to a bike, simply because without taking them to bits you will not know until its too late if they have been thrashed, not to mention the steerer tube has been cut down for another frame, so may be too short to fit yours.
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