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Stolen Marin Bobcat Trail - Leeds

MaddieMaddie Posts: 30
edited August 2007 in MTB stolen
Nicked on 9th July 2007 from the corner of Wellington Street and Wellington Place, central Leeds, at 4pm.... Any info at all would be massively appreciated!

- 15"ish silver and red frame (2002?)
- Crank Brothers 5050x pedals in blue
- DMR Moto tyres x2 - brand new
- Easton EA50 seatpost
- Terry Liberator women's saddle
- Gripshift gears
- Rear LED light
- Spindle pin in rear wheel for pulling trailer
- Fixings for computer on bars and sensor on front fork
- Frame fairly scuffed, esp on crossbar from locks
- Scuffs on handlebars and shifters
- Torn and very worn Marin grips

It's a long shot but it's worth a try, although I expect it either in bits or trashed by now. Been a right hassle cos I work as a courier in the city so lost wages too... Thanks for looking!

Photo of bike here
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