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Hi, new to this forum, just discovered it and Its great, alot of info etc.
I have read the previous threads about larger riders and weight issues ie Is it an issue to be over 80kg on certain bikes.
I am 100kg 6'5" tall and to be honest quite happy with my frame as I carry very little fat.
I ride a Scott Spark Ltd/Scott ransom Ltd when Im mountian biking and I have a Trek 3500 carbon jobby for road biking that Ive had for 6 years or so now and its done a lot of miles.
My point being I have never suffered any failures or breakage on any of these bikes, and until I started reading stuff here I never even contemplated there could be an issue with the equipment you chose relative to your weight.
As this has been discussed several times, lets not discuss it again, however It would be really interesting to hear from people that have had issues/failures that have occured due to their weight on a bike. I ask to do this becuase I really dont expect to hear of any, which may then assure us bigger guys that it really is not an issue at all.
So post your failures due to weight here, and lets see catergorically if an issue exists.


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    Hi, I'm small framed so have never experienced any of failures that you've mentioned but I recently bought a carbon fibre seat post and under the safety warnings it said that it was unsuitable for people over 250lbs so thats around 17 stone.
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    As a 16stone bromptom rider I have had the problems of breakinmg spokes when carriying rear luggage and a bent seatposrt stem after about four years + the ineviitable incessant chav abuse from passing cars etc..when cycling through the city centre..I have never had any problems with a mountain or road bike cos of my weight whatsoever.The front carrier as designed by Brompton probably reccognises this is an inherent problem.and is maybe the best luggage carrying option.
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    So then from the lack of responses it would seem I am correct in my assumption that there has not been any failures of equipment through carrying too much weight on a bike.
    I didnt really think there could be that much of an issue becuase I have never been aware of any warning stickers stating maximum allowable weights on bikes, and if it was an issue I would have thought bike manufacturers would have had to do that to protect themselves. So 80kg or 100kg rider it appears really not to matter at all...good!
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    I believe some carbon bikes specify a maximum rider weight, though by no means all, and some brands such as Cannondale explicitly state there is no rider weight limit. Ibis for example say that rider weight has more of an impact on wheels than frames - so I guess a good set of strong wheels may be worthwhile. But I guess the proof of the pudding is in the eating - you haven't broken anything yet...
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    Dont say yet...like that!...you will make me paranoid that somethings gonna break when Im doing 40 mph down a bumpy hill in Yorkshire!!