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I finally got a bit of times to put some wheels on my new Vigorelli. I stopped short of inserting the crank as the stand over height was tight. Basically it has come up more the size of a 24" than 23". I should have have ordered a 22" and that would have been more or less perfect.

My Dawes Galaxy is a 23.5" and rides well it is also the same height as the BJ there is not much in it. I may keep the frame or sell it. The BB is 11" off the floor so 23" and 11" do add up to 34".

My mistake. Anyone else made a similar mistake ever?

Can't decide what to do. I paid £368 for frame headset and delivery it arrived last month.
What could I expect to get if I decide to sell?


  • i wouldn't sell.when you ride it'll still ride like a 23" leg length you'll have less chance of the pedal hitting the floor on corners( not that it happens much anyway) and when you stop ,if you only put one foot down as at traffic lights then undercarriage clearance may not be as dangerous as it sems.
    i'd build it up and give it a try first. you've nothing to lose. a couple of wheelnut marks on the dropouts won't affect the sell on price that much?
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    Thanks Piedwagtail91. I think that is sound advice. I am sure it will be a comfortable ride. I am just 6 foot and have been used to 23.5 inch frames for a long time now but the bb height was a little lower. I'll give it a go. With flat thin boating shoes and my feet flat on the ground I have perhaps 1mm clearance.

    I think I may have been riding frames a little on the cusp of large.
  • I end up with large bikes too 'cos I like a long top tube. I sized myself on a BJ vig and came up with a 24. The retail manager told me I would want a 23. This is why I ride compacts. Don't look so nice but you can ride up a frame size and still get a long bike. So I didn't bother with buying a BJ yet (though I think I will next year!)

    If you come to sell the BJ you will make your money back I am sure: they are always in demand and people will appreciate the lack of waiting time.

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    Thanks. Used mysons Peugeot 11 BB and 23.5 rode well. Not same geo as BJ but hopping that the BJ will work out.