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Knee supports, good or bad?

Mrs ToastMrs Toast Posts: 636
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I'm hoping to get into mountain biking, but I currently have rather crunchy knees. The left one has been operated on twice: in the second operation they cut a ligament on the left hand side, because the right hand side one had 'dissolved' - apparently this was to make the pull on the knee cap 'even', so it'd stop chipping off bits of bone and shredding my cartilidge. This knee is now less crunchy, but still very weak.

The right hand knee has never been operated on, and is very crunchy, making a noise like a crisp packet being crinkled whenever I go up or down stairs.

I have 2 neoprene knee supports (one with an open knee), but I was wondering if I should wear them, as I was told that they can actually weaken the knee if worn on a regular basis when exercising? Any advice would be appreciated.


  • woody-somwoody-som Posts: 1,001
    Knee supports, just like any other joint support are OK for a short while, but long term use will weaken the muscles as they are not being used to do the support, and they won't get stronger.

    Do what you can without them to build the muscles,which will then help support the joints, but do listen to your body. If you feel pain then use them, stop or slow down.

    I know weight lifters who always wear back supports, very bad idea, as they have weak backs, If only they lifted lighter weight without the support, they would be actually stronger, OK doesn't look so macho in the gym.

    I'm no expert in this field, but that was they way I have always understood it from the weight training that I was given, and everything that I've read over the years.
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