1950 's Mercian Vigorelli road path .

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Found a for sale notice in a local sweet shop window :D . I now have nice Classic fixed wheel added to the stable . All period equipment fitted . I will post some pictures on flickr over the weekend .


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    I like those they are very desireable. How old is it and what colour?
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    Sorry 1950's!

    What does the S stand for?
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    Sorry again my coordination and reading skills seem to have left me today.

    At work and everything is going so fast I am getting too tired to read.

    Look forward to the pics!
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    Perhaps you could swap it for a nice Paris Tour de France frame
  • GaryGkn
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    Can't wait for the pics!
  • That is a nice fixie, must visit the sweet shop more often!
    If you are interested this http://www.flickr.com/photos/velocitizen/424243326/
    is a picture of a Mercian I was given by a freind of the family who had it custom built in th sixties, it has seen a hard life and needs a bit of work to get on the road, anybody any idea on what model it is? I tried the MERCIAN register but heard nothing from them, must ride it to Derby sometime soon.
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    Nice classic practical bike. That was a good find! Like the fact that it was running with mudguards and also the colours say track bike. My next bike which won't be for about 10 years now will be a Mercian road path based on the Professional and perhaps with forward facing rear ends similar to what they were using in the 50's because of the mudguard situation. How does it ride?