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cat and fiddle comparison

russj1975russj1975 Posts: 7
How does the climb up the cat and fiddle from macclesfield side compare with, say, the snake pass from ladybower?

I am doing the rourkie cat and fiddle challenge and need something equivalent to ride up, but someone i was speaking to said it was probably better not to do a dry run of the cat and fiddle, incase it put me off!


  • mr_hippomr_hippo Posts: 1,051
    Some of us will say the Snake whilst others will say the Catt. My opinion - I am not a climber but was a good descender; I once beat my wife into Macclesfield from the Cat, she set off before me and was driving the car! I would say that the Cat is easier- the steepest part is Buxton Road up to the big left hander, nice run up to the Setter Dog pub - nice pint as well! I believe it is now shut.
    The Snake is deceiving! You think that you have reached the top - no more road, just sky but no. The road turns and goes ever upward.
  • fluff.fluff. Posts: 771
    Did the Cat from Macclesfield last weekend after not doing it for ages, it's really only climbing for 2.5 miles and non of it what you'd call steep. After that it's gently undulates for another 4.5. Going back down was actually harder, went via Buxton road to Congleton, didn't expect the 1:10s back up again!

    Am doing the Rourkie challenge too btw, Axe Edge and the climb out of Leek actually worry me more than the Cat climb.
  • Brian BBrian B Posts: 2,071
    Done both for the first time in this years Polka dot sportive and I would have to say Snake pass. It could just be that I had 50 miles in my legs by the time I got to Snake pass though but they were both smashing climbs.
    Brian B.
  • nypdnypd Posts: 188
    The Ladybower side of the Snake isnt that steep at all something like 2 or 3 % all the way to the top apart from say the last half a KM where is kicks up quite a bit. The Glossop side of the Snake is the complete opposite and i think at a rough guess averages around 8%.

    So im my opinion the Cat & Fiddle from the Macclesfield side although again not all that hard of a climb but quite long is much harder than the Ladybower side of the Snake, but the Glossop side of the Snake is much harder than the Cat & Fiddle.
  • Dont worry about the Cat- just keep something in your legs for the last three climbs at then end- its a bit embarrasing going up Smallthorne bank if overtaken somone on the pavement pushing a pram!
  • leghurtyleghurty Posts: 20
    Hi russj1975 - It's a local hill to me. At the risk of sounding pompous, IMO its over-rated as a climb and is far exceeded by it's own reputation cultivated by the strap-line "as riden in the Tour of Britain once upon a time" So what? It's just a long drag on exposed rough-surfaced dangerous roads. Lots of Subarus, motorbikes and foreign HGVs on satnav will overtake you on blind dips and bends. More steep as you leave Macclesfield.

    I generally avoid it. Quieter steeper climbs just off the beaten track are more enjoyable. (Macc forest, Goyt, Pot Shrigley, Wincle etc etc)

    On Roukies ride the urban hills running from Leek to Burslem catch a few people out.
  • I hope you will all be there on the Rourke ride on Sunday to find out just how easy (!) the Cat and Fiddle is.

    good cause too
  • MossriderMossrider Posts: 226
    I've done Rourkies a couple of times now and will be there on Sunday. The Cat is not too bad; the bottom part seems steeper and after that you can get a nice rhythm. In my view it's similar to the Snake from Glossop. Don't worry about the traffic - the large number of cyclists seems to have a very calming effect!

    As everyone says, its the little climbs as you do the last half that really catch you out. Keep somthing in the tank.
  • ajohn9ajohn9 Posts: 260
    the steepest part of the glossop side of snake is 12%
    went up there today actually, and came back up the other way. I think the glossop side is harder as its steeper, but ladybower side is a leg deadener
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