SBR Sports - London store?

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Anyone ever been? Or bought anything from them?
They have a bike I want to check out (at their Fulham store) but they seem to be Bonthrone Bikes in disguise. Last time I went to the Bonthrone store (ie the same place as SBR Sports) it was all closed up.
I smell a rat but it seems to be the only place in London that has the bike I'm after (Lemond Tourmalet).


  • richa
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    Don't worry the Fulham SBR store exists. I've been there and even bought something...

    My guess is they bought the Bonethrone website when bonethrone went bust so as to give themselves more internet presence.
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    You could also contact them...
    (they might not have the bike in the store)

    SBR Sports
    Specialists in Tri Equipment, Tri Wetsuits, Road Bikes, Running Kit & Swimming Equipment

    Address: 917-919, Fulham road, Fulham, London, SW6 5HU
    Tel: 0207 731 5005
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    Was going to swing by later, even though it's a bit out of the way. I was about to contact Bonthrone but couldn't find a number for the shop, and assumed SBR was the same, but have now seen they have a line so I'll give them a ring first.