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I have just got the FCR 2 done on a deal at my local shop, i was due to get a fcr 3 but shop told there was a 9 week wait, so they knocked £95 of fcr2 to take to £400. Lovely bike, light and good components.


  • pw1brown
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    I too prefer flat bars for commuting in town. However, if you're only doing a little of that I would seriously consider drop bars. At least try one out before you decide. I've got the Giant SCR 2, which I think is mostly the same bike as the FCR 2, and I think it's the bees knees. IF you definitely want flat bars, you should be fine with an FCR. A friend's got one of the Genesis Days and it seems an excellent bike too. Basically, you're spoilt for choice - so just enjoy trying a few out and making your decision.
  • Stanley,

    Ask your local shop see if they will do you a deal, maybe throw in some freebies or accessories as well, as they say you dont get if you dont ask.