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Front mech cage

allymillsyallymillsy Posts: 30
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Just started to get into mb over the past few months, had no problems until tonight, was returning home on my bike, I changed up from the front middle clog, up to the large clog<going at good pace standing up> on doing this the chain got stuck, It appears that I ve bent the cage on the front mech

Gears were perfect before this happened!<doh> my gears still change but when in middle and large rings, and smallest cogs on back the chain is rubbing against this, I tried for 5 mins when I got back to bend it back a little to no avail, is there a quick fix to this? or would I have to go about getting a new cage? If anyone has any ideas to get the gears back to normal it would be greatly appreciated

Also when I change to 1st gear it appears to be rubbiing as well! I don,t wanna try anything without advice.

many thanks


  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Unless you can twist it back, its new mech time. They work on pretty exact alignmnet for smooth shifts and no rub.
  • took bike to local bike shop today, they said they would change ot over, came back to get the bike at close of day, new front mech on<different replacement> it was worse that it was when it went in!, they onlyed charged £3 for time.

    Got them to put the old one back on, there is some chain rub, but not as bad as the new one they put on which was higher up on the frame.

    Now im back to sq 1, LBS reckons that in order to full resolve is to replace the chain rings and the front cage<they advised just to put up with chain rub for a while as this is a new bike> front chain ring has slight movement on this Trek 4300,

    Is it best just to put up with the chain rub<in some gears> bearing in mind bike is only 2 months old<its done 600 miles> bike had perfect set-up before lastnights mishap

    I plan to buy a half decent bike in may next year, I want to have some resale value on the bike, does anyone have advice? replace the chainset and cage or let it go, will the chain rub result in the chain snapping on me
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Chains do rub in certain combos, ie large/large cog as he chain is crossing at an angle. This gear can be replicated in the middle chainring so you dont need to use these extremes. Could be you have bent chainrings too.
  • impishedimpished Posts: 1,092
    The most important thing to learn from this (possibly expensive :? ) mistake is:-
    Don't change gear under power unless you absolutley have to!!!
    Always back off a bit :oops: , change gear :wink: , power back on..... :twisted:
  • im seriously considering ebaying the Trek 4300 and buying a new bike now, had my eye on a Scott Scale 40 for a couple of weeks now, seems like a good set up, I had a stumpjumper fs a few years back which had no probs for good few years, bought this Trek to get back into it again, im mainly a road biker<don,t like road bikes> anyone have any thoughts on Scott bikes?
  • x-islex-isle Posts: 794
    Yep! I've got a Scale 50 (with some changes) and I loooooooove it!
    Craig Rogers
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