How much seatpost ??

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Hi ..... How much seatpost should i have on show out of the frame ???? I`m new to road bikes so have no idea ??? .....
I received my new shiney Focus variado today in X/Small 52 and think the frame may be too big because i only have 4 inchs of seatpost on show ?? ..... is this correct ???.....have just been on my first 20 miler and have terrible neck ache ... I`m starting to think the frame is too big for me and too much of a stretch ... so giving me neck trouble.....
They do a XX/Small frame that is 12 mm shorter in the top tube so this may be more suitable for my needs ..... and give me more standover
Its a good job i had it from wiggle with there 7 day trial period ....

Thanks Tony
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  • Go to a reputable road shop and have them measure you.

    Buying a bikeis like buying a suit. Getting correctly measured and fitted by SKILLED craftsmen is Vital to satisfactory performance.

    Causes of neck ache can be frame too long or too short. Stem too long or too short Stem height too low Saddle height incorrect

    Look on for your nearest pecialist. Money well spent.
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    It depends on the style of frame. My VN Ti bike only has 4inc of post, and the frame is 1 size too small for me, yet my Giant has 8 -9 inches so I wouldn't worry about that.

    What you need to make sure of is how the bike feels, and pay special attention to the reach. Do you have any cycling friends who know what they are doing regards bike sizing? ask them.

    I take it you ordered the size of bike you have based on your height, then this may be the correct bike, and the suggestions in the above post are probable causes of pain, or the simple fact that you are not use to riding a road bike. If you've cme from a MTB or other upright bike, I did, then pain in the neck and shoulders are usually normal for a while, I know I did for nearly 6 months, until the position of riding on the drops and the bent over riding style felt normal, and more relaxed.
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    Agree that frame geometry will have a bearing on the length of seatpost that you should specify in the first instance, but it is your particular measurements that will dictate the level of the saddle above handlebar height. Have a go at one of the on-line measuring systems (there's one on the Enigma website) and see what results you get.

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    Do not panic. I suggest 4" could be Ok.
    How long is your stem? 100mm? 110mm? Consider a shorter version, maybe 90 or even 80.
    Too low? Consider a stem with a rise on it to raise the bars. Are you too stretched and cricking your neck trying to look forward?
    What about saddle position? Can you move saddle a little forward? I am told a good guide to osition is to gat the saddle such that when you lean forward to your normal bar position and release pressure on the bars you do not immediately fall forward ... you need to be pivotting on the saddle around the Bb, not too far back from a vertical line through it, not too far forward such that pedal strokes push you forward off your bike.

    I suggest you practice with a few changes first.

    Cheers, Phil