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Cleaning and lubing - Whats the script ?

Jonny-88Jonny-88 Posts: 14
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So I just got a new bike and have heard it is important to keep clean and 'lube'.

I am going to buy some muc off too clean the bike.

Do I clean all the bike ie chain, gears etc or just the frame ?

Also, what do i need lube wise ? What do I buy ? I've heard off dry and wet lube etc and don't know what I need. Also what else do I need to lube apart from the chain ?

Just looking for some advice.


  • Here is my routine :

    Wash bike (frame, wheels, gears the lot) after muddy or dirty ride. I use Fenwicks FS1 in a 5 litre pump spray bottle, then clean with a brush and lightly hose down. Avoid jetting water into seals or bearings.

    After EVERY ride, I clean around the fork stanctions and spray lightly with teflon lube spray (using a cloth behind to protect brakes etc from overspray) and then pump the forks before wiping clean. This traps any particulates which would have lodged in the seal and moves them / sticks them to the stanctions where they can be wiped away.

    Spray pivots and moving parts of front and rear mech with teflon lube spray, using a cloth behind to protect brakes etc from overspray.

    Check chain for damage or dry links and lube while turning crank backwards. I use Finish Line Cross Country Wet and Finish Line Dry Teflon lube, depending on the time of year. The wet stuff sticks in the wet, the dry is better at shrugging off grit and trail dust. I do this every few rides as needed.

    Every couple of weeks I check the fork air pressures and tyre pressures.

    I use White Lightning (wax lube) on cables.

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    Trek 8000 ZR XC hardtail.
  • Jonny-88Jonny-88 Posts: 14
    This may seem like a stupid question but what is degreaser for ?

    Is it just to get the old lube of your chain ?

    Also I read in a magazine about a water displacer what does that do?

    And how do you lube cables ?

  • L60NL60N Posts: 223
    Degreaser does remove old lube.

    Water displacer does as it states, allows water to run off easily, preventing tide marks, and protects paintwork in a roundabout way.

    I would assume, to lube cables you would dampen a cloth with lube and run along the cables? only guessing tho :)

  • ddraverddraver Posts: 19,535
    after cleaning the chain, give it a spray of WD40 or GT85 and and then leave it to dry, give it a wipe and then lube it up properly

    one drop on each link, spin the cranks a bit then wipe off excess
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  • Lube new cable inners / outers before you fit them, or when fitting new inners or just taking them apart for maintenance. White Lightning is very runny if you warm it up and then shake well.

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    Trek 8000 ZR XC hardtail.
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