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Evening all, some of you may remember (and may of commented) when I asked the question about purchasing a new RB, converting from being a MTB rider.

I took the advice of many, focused on my local (v helpful)bike shops, had many, many, many test rides on a variety of machines, with different set ups and frames.

I went for a Giant SCR C4 at £1250 from Julies Cycles in Leicester (very helpful and patient! staff). Although I am sure I could of saved money here and there I simply went with what I enjoyed most and the one that after a test ride I came back with the biggist grin on my face.

Since it has been a fantastic experience speed and just fun when riding, I seem to be able to ride three times further than my MTB and quicker (cornering still gives me a few hairy moments).

Still keeping the MTB for muddy,wet autum and winter (and summer!) days. Thanks to all, although I am sure I will have many more questions over the forthcoming months.

My only regret is I didn't convert years ago.


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    Well done that man, but keep the MTB for when you fancy some mud-pluggng. Before long you'll be obsessing about the weight of individual components and whether they are sufficiently "bling" to adorn your bike :wink:

    What do I ride? Now that's an Enigma!