18 stone rider, which bike to choose please

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Hello, I have been MTB'ing for a couple of years and love it :D , after this years Tour de France I have decided to also try a little road biking. My situation is this, I am 6ft 3" and 18stone :oops: , luckily Not a fat loater!!! Anyway With a budget of £400 I can get a Specialized Allez Double 2006 Road Bike. Would this bike be ok considering my weight/height??

Or what would you guys recommend, If I must increase my budget then so be it, but £400 really is about as much as I would like to spend on a first road bike.

Your thoughts would be very much apreciated

Regards & Thanks in advance
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  • Rich Hcp
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    If it is the right frame size then you should be fine.

    Talk to your local shop.

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    At that sort of weight, the bike should be fine, but you will probably knacker the wheels, so it may be a good idea to budget for some 36 spoke hand builts. These should do the trick http://www.spacycles.co.uk/products.php ... 0s141p376.. I've had mine for a good while now with no problems at all and I'm of a similar build.