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Cross threaded crank arms

jimbo07g41jimbo07g41 Posts: 2
edited August 2007 in MTB workshop & tech

my pedals came off and the threads on the crank arms have been destroyed.

Anyone ever had these repaired or do I need to get the wallet out?




  • Happend to me last week aswell, you need new cranks mate :?
  • They may be repairable. Eldi makes helicoil inserts that replace the threads in cranks, but you need special tools to fit them as the old thread has to be bored out and recut to take the helicoil.

    This is a job for a bike shop with a good mechanic.
    John Stevenson
  • azzbazzb Posts: 7
    you could buy a new crank arm what make is your crank mate
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