i want a little pump for the jersey pocket , which one?

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hi i want one to stick in my jersey rather than carrying camelback or on the frame to got upto 120 psi if poss but little and light.
also are those co2 jobbies any good ??


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  • do you use these?? does a 16gm cartridge do a 700cc to 120psi ?? or even a 2.1 mtb to 40psi do you know? cheers mick
  • do you use these?? does a 16gm cartridge do a 700cc to 120psi ?? or even a 2.1 mtb to 40psi do you know? cheers mick

    *Touches lots of wooden objects* I seem to have been relatively puncture free of lates so I've never had need to empty one into a tyre as yet :!: :shock:

    That's blown it... :lol:
    An MTBer, but with skinny wheel tendencies...
  • haha cheers
  • Rich Hcp
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    I've got the Spezialised mini pump that clips on the frame on bottle mounts.

    It's more of a "It'll get me home" thing.

    If it's fixed to ter bike then I won't forget it!

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    Lucky Luke wrote:

    That's the one I've got. Haven't used to pump up a tyre from flat yet so can't comment on that, but it's been doing fine topping up the air in the tyres. Seems a good pump to me.
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  • are they small enough for a jersey pocket? cheers

    also anyone any experience of using the co2 cartridges? thanks
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    i got a topeak pocket rocket which is awesome.

    but i fix it on the frame.

    i don't like the idea of putting it in a jersey pocket in case i crash and it ends up embedded in my kidneys ((and inflating them to 100psi).
  • thats the thing you see i dont want it on the frame i dont want to start strapping bits to carbon tubes if poss
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    it tucks under the bottle cage, you won't even know it's there.
  • ah right i will take a look down the lbs see what theyve got cheers
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    any pump you get should come with a little adapter to fix under the bottle cage so it attaches to the side. you can then choose - pocket or frame.
  • yeah i have one for the cx bike that does that its a topeak mountain morph a great pump but too big for the road bike . thats why i was looking at the micro as ive only been on a few road rides but really dont like the camelback on when riding road as i get too hot but dont really like having pumps on the frame tbh so i thought sticking one in the pocket would be great but i think maybe the micro at 16cm may struggle to get the required psi i dont want to be stuck 50mile from home with a 40psi rear tyre for the return lol
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    I have one of these:


    Have only had to use it a couple of times (thank god) and a single 16g cartridge will inflate my 700x23's to about 100psi.
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    As peejay says, you should be very wary about putting hard objects upon your body. I heard of a guy once who lost a testicle through this kind of thing.
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  • yum yum lol
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    my pump goes up to 90psi.

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    CO2 works, most mini pumps don't. If you buy one mail order send it back if you can't get the required pressure. Or go into your local bike shop and ask them for a recomendation, then ask them to pump up a tyre with it.

    My recomendations for mini pumps are the Specialized thingy or the older Innovations road air. Both are too long for a pocket but come supplied with bottle cage clips.
  • do those Co2 canisters have a shlf life before they have to be replaced without use?

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    I have a box load of mini-pumps that I've bought over the years in the belief that someone might have made something that works - only to find that they take an eternity to fill a tyre to a reasonable pressure - this includes Specialized, Blackburn and Topeak. Fitting them beside your bottle cage means they get exposed to spray and muck from the wheel, so by the time you come to use it, the internals are corroded. If you want a pump that works, invest in a decent frame-fit model. I do use CO2 as a bail-out for races and a large cannister will inflate a couple of 700x23 tyres - OK in the dry but a recipe for disaster in the cold and wet, unless you like freezing your fingers to the valve.
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    The Spez one also mounts onthe bottle cage mounts and sits alongside the bottle

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    I have the topeak pocket rocket carbon version and just stick it in my mack pocket. You dont know its even there and its is claimed to go up to 160psi. Used mines and it was very good and inflated tyres better than some of the larger frame mounted versions that I have had in the past.
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  • peejay78
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    have to say, ye olde pocket rocket does go right up high.
  • I've got one of these: http://www.wiggle.co.uk/ProductDetail.aspx?Cat=cycle&ProdID=5360013734

    The beauty of it is that on the high volume setting you can inflate fast until it gets to be hard work and then shift into high pressure mode to finish off. I can make about 40psi in high volume mode and 100psi in high pressure mode.

    I've heard lots of good things about Cyclaire pumps, but I haven't got round to buying one yet.

    With most mini pumps it's not how much pressure the pump can provide, but how much pressure your arms can provide.
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    that looks clever. my arms are weak from my aggressively shaped fuji.

    ( :D )
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    I have a Topeak rocket micro. The one time I've had to use it in anger I fairly easily got the 700C tyre hard enough to ride on. When I got home and got it on the track pump I'd managed 80psi, which isn't too shabby. I keep mine in my seat pack rather than in my jersey pocket. It really is a tiny pump, and easily fits inside my topeak medium aero wedge.