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Anyone seen the 08 Spesh Tricross Single? Slicked-up, I think it could be my ideal winter commute bike, since my race bike is taking enough of a battering in summer and I don't think it will like the winter very much. Only thing is, I'm Spesh-o-phobic (and the top tube looks rubbish), so does anyone have any suggestions for bikes in the same price bracket with the same features? A singlespeed with drops, guards, rack and strong brakes being the main priorities.




  • Pomp?
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  • Cotic Roadrat
  • The Road Rat is a nice bike but retails for about 50% more than the Tricross Single.

    Actually I'm very tempted by the Tricross single. It's tempting me to rationalise my current fleet of three (plus one wreck of a single speed cross bike) down to just the one bike! Albeit with two wheelsets.
    "Swearing, it turns out, is big and clever" - Jarvis Cocker
  • I saw one of these in Brixton Cycles the other day in green. Its quite possibly the most hideously ugly bike I've ever set eyes on, 'kin terrible colour, terrible top tube, terrible welds, just terrible!

    For gods sake get a pomp or a kaffenback :shock:
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  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but gawd I hate the seat stays on the Pomp.
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    not sure where you are, but I got an own-brand singlespeed/fixed from Dooley's Cycles in Paisley (http://www.dooleys-cycles.co.uk/) last year. I think that the base price was £550 with an extra £35 for mudguards...
    It's a nice bike, but not sure it would go down well with many here being 7005 & having a deep down tube: no-one will mistake it for a steel bike1 But it's a damn fine winter commuter...
    I can't remember if it will take a rack & it's at my GF's house just now, so I can't check, sorry...
    I also have no idea how much the Spesh would set you back, but assume that this is in the same ball park...
    Dooley's are my LBS & do mail order. I can't recommend them highly enough...
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    re being spesh-a-phobic... I can understand that, the decalling is sometimes excessive. You could always get a respray in a really funky colour. OK, it woiuld add £100 or so to the price but would be rather fun. Pink or sparkly orange.....

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    You know you want to just build something up - old touring frame with canti-mounts will see you good. Bit of paint stripper and a rattle can + a sticker from your favourite brewery and you're grand :D
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  • NickM wrote:

    Hardly a cross bike is it?
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