Carbon or alu rims

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I was thinking of spending up big time for some nice new wheels for my Orbea - anyone got any strong feelings on a pair of deep rim carbons versus something like a Mavic Ksyrium ES?

Before you ask, I don't intend to ride up mountains any time soon.[/list]


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    If you can afford it, get some Lightweights. You won't regret it - there's nothing you can buy to bring you greater joy! You have to convert to tubs, but it's worth it.

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  • Spoff
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    Any suggestions? And don't you have to glue tubs on? Scary.
  • I bought a pair of Reynolds DV46C (clincher). They look the part, even if I don't, and they are light and very well built. I would be scared to death to buy anything that had all carbon spokes and that could not be trued!
  • a couple of questions. Are you going to TT with it? Are you in a windy area? what's your budget.
    Will I be jealous? :lol:

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    es are probably best for all round but if your sticking to flat carbons are better. Planet X are reported to be very good and decent price but if you double your money can get mavic cosmic or even better dura ace carbon.