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Best track pump for around £20??

dazzawazzadazzawazza Posts: 462
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My £10 Asda track pump exploded this morning so I need to get a reliable fast pump for around the £20 mark. My old pump was always a pain with Presta valves as it took several attempts to attach without leaking, so I want a pump that connects well to Presta valves. I keep both my bikes at 120psi.

I've been looking at the Chain Reaction selection: ... goryID=262



  • mazcpmazcp Posts: 953
    I've got one of these pumps made by Specialized. I think it's a very good pump, albeit a little over your budget. Fits both presta/schrader without having to change bits and reaches 120psi with little effort.
  • RufusARufusA Posts: 500
    I'll second the Specialized recommendation - works well with my Presta valves, and is a breeze to get tyres up to pressure. It was also the one my LBS recommended in that price bracket!

    HTH - Rufus.
  • alfabluealfablue Posts: 8,497
    The Topeak Joe Blow pumps are highly rated - there's one for £19.99
  • smiorgansmiorgan Posts: 195
    If you can stretch to 25 quid then the Blackburn TPS2 is a good pump - I've had mine for years. Available at Wiggle.
  • dazzawazzadazzawazza Posts: 462
    Does the Top Peak Joe Blow Sport for £26.99 still have problems with the tube cracking over time?
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