Routes in West Yorkshire?

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Well firstly hello, im looking for some routes in and around West Yorkshire i live in Wakefield so anything close will be considered.
I have been reading on Newmillerdam which i ride quite regularly but are there any others local? So im wanting to ride XC, Downhill, Dirt Jump basically anything we all like a mixed variety and were always happy to try something new.. or dangerous :D

I have been reading up on Dalby forrest which is on the agenda but to get back into the swing of riding im wanting something local, or maybe a woods i could develop?

Many thanks in advance


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    there are loads of routes around huddersfield and in brighouse
    chat to your local bike shop and see if they do weekly rides
    i know the shop in brighouse do monday night rides and the one in halifax does a weekly ride too

    dalby is a superb place to go you will have a lot of fun there

    just don't go today there is a steam fair on
    took us 3 hours to drive there from hudds yesterday the roads were chocca

    there is a little dirt jump area above salts mill in saltaire

    have fun

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    lee there are loads of routes in this site, over 25,000 click on the link below and do a search in your area

    good luck
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    swear wrote:
    lee there are loads of routes in this site, over 25,000 click on the link below and do a search in your area

    good luck

    Cheers for replies lads, yeah i did check that seems to be more road orientated although i did ride a route listed on there (Dambuster):- ... -Dambuster

    Got to say i was pretty impressed with the route, odd road sections, nice scenery, nice mixture of non and technical areas. I did come off course and explore Haw Park so nice trails but on a whole very good, so big thanks to who-ever put that course together.

    I will take a look at the areas suggested, Dalby will be a definite hopefully next week :D
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    Hi Lee, Just having a search through the posts with Wakefield in them on the forum and i came across yours. i ride mainly offroad in the Wakefield area, i've out my routes here on the route finder section. I've only just started going over to Haw Park woods so i need to explore a bit more before i put any routes up. Another good place to have a look round is the Stanley Ferry/Kirkthorpe/Normanton area there are some good routes over near the old brick works region. I#m hopefully gonna try Wharncliffe Woods out soon, but i need a new rear tyre before that happens it's loosing it's grip in the loose stuff a bit now.

    See you around,

    Dan daren't but he did anyway!!

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    i live not too far away and the main ones i go to are:
    hamsterley forest-bishop auckland
    carlton bank-teesside
    guisbrough woods-guisbrough
    all excellent and all definetely worth checking out..
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    Hey, and thanks for replys. Since i last been on i have been up Dalby VERY impressed, I also a few week back rode out to wharncliffe woods only thing is when i got there i was physically exhausted :evil: So made a very quick trip round and headed home.
    Bikes been off the road for a while so once its sorted ill start hitting Newmiller and Haw park a little more
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    Hi guys, me and GT Destroyer on here live in Dewsbury. Wharncliffe is our local arguably as its the best place we've found that is within 30mins drive. If you haven't been properly go it is very good. In fact when you are going to go let me know and we'll maybe hook up - bring the guys you alluded to with you.

    We are actually looking for somewhere else at the moment as we feel like a change and there is nothing like doing a decent trail for the first time, seeing how fast you dare enter a corner you don't know!

    So - any suggestions pleeeeasse!??!?
    "If you think straight enough, you can see round corners"
  • Hi Folks,

    I live in Huddersfield and work in Calderdale.

    Calderdale is a superb place for mountain biking. There are endless miles of bridleway. Shops like Blazing Saddles at Hebden Bridge can advise on routes and there is always the Mary Towneley Loop if you fancy a challenge.

    The top end of Huddersfield around Scammondon is also a good place to explore.

    Have a look at the following ... index.html ... routes.htm