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Too many sections....

KirkyKirky Posts: 459
This is the first time I've been on this site, after being a long time user of the C+ forum. And I've noticed just how many categories there are, and to be honest I think there's too many.

For example, I have a techie question I want to list about steer tubes & sizes - what wil land won't fit etc. It's not directly related to road or MTB and could sit across either - so where do I put it as there are both road and MTB 'garage' categories. Or do I have to put it in both??

I think the idea of a 'one site fits all' approach is good in theory - but in practice worry that it won't work and people will all go elsewhere. Nice to see a decent ads section back though!!
Las Vegas Institute of Sport


  • We tried to keep all the previous forum areas, but it's obvious there's room to do some merging and reorganisation. It'll happen in due course.
    John Stevenson
  • KirkyKirky Posts: 459
    Fair comment, and it does look like you've got a lot on your hands to pull together all the different forums. In the mean time, I'll post the query in both!!
    Las Vegas Institute of Sport
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