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a has started at work. is a listed shop so I am thinking of a ... dex_e.html
are they good for commuting in London (10k)?
Secure parking in an underground car park is possible, but are they nickable or too hard to sell on?
I gave one a go today - the first time I've ever ridden a recumbent. the 'ape-hanger' bars are a bit sensitive aren't they?
any advice gratefully received (including: is it easy to carry upstairs? it doesn't seem to be very handleable)

PS hello this is my first post. I've been cycle commuting in London 10 years (on tourer/MTB). I help run this


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    Dishonest reply..................

    Recumbents are the "Bees Knees" and the answer to all your cycling problems. Of course it will be idea for you!

    Honest reply.....

    Recumbents have a lot of advantages, but are diverse machines. The "spirit" is a nice machine, very comfortable and nimble, but if you cannot get both feet on the ground, stopping can be a problem as they are less adjustable than other bikes in this way

    Try one out and see if it suits you. You may also find that a Street Machine, a Trice, or another bike may suit you better.

    Now you are on the "Dark Side" it is simply a case of choosing a shade!
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    as someone who's started commuting this week on a recumbent, I may be able to offer something here....
    I live in a third floor flat with no lift too...
    On the stairs question, I carried my Nazca Fuego up three flights of narrow windy stairs the day. Yes, it's a lot more difficult than my 8kg road bike, but far from impossible...
    On the nickable quesion, I'll defer to someone else....
    Finally. I'm not a fan of the Spirit at all, but 'bents are far more varied than uprights, so try a few & find what you like! I rode five & found 2 I liked....
    Finally, be prepared to be substantially slower whilst your muscles adapt to a diffrent way of pedalling. I'm a lot slower just now, but ask someone else what the difference is likely to be after you've adapted...

    (& thank to all on here who helped me with my purchasing desicion; I'll post photos later on... )
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    I have been commuting by recumbent almost daily for about a year now. My commute is a bit diffrent being about 21km each way and mostly rural along 60Mph and 70Mph A roads which are flat-ish. I started off using a Trice but then changed to a velomobile in april this year. For my situation a velomobile is idea since there are few junctions, few hills and I have a garage and storage at the other end. For your commute something like a spirit sounds a good idea. Trikes are arkward to get up stairs and the heavier something is the harder it is to accelerate so somthing low weight will be good.
    Have you considered the Bacchetta Giro 20, it seems like that would be a good choice too, quicker and more sporty than the spirit and larger wheels.
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    The ... dex_e.html is £995 and that makes my mind up as has a maximum of £1000
    Unfortunately, today told me that they dont do as they dont like losing 10% of the bike's value

    so I am looking for a 'bent under £1000 - anyone know where?
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    TWBents (via eBay, intermittently - none on sale today) are probably just about the only choice new; the alternative would be a Pashley PDQ or a Speed Ross/Orbit Crystal (essentially the same design under different names), both of which come up fairly regularly on eBay and for which you should expect to pay £300-400 depending on condition and componentry.

    Of course, the problem with all of these is that
    - you are unlikely to get a test ride
    - you won't get to use Cyclescheme.

    Only you can decide whether you want to take a punt... but you can probably sell one you don't get on with without losing much.
    So you voted, and now you've got a government. I just hope you like it.
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    Kinetics in Glasgow do Cyclescheme & sell the Spirit. Not sure if you can use Cyclescheme given the distance, but I'm sure Ben will tell you if you email him.
    The shop is here:
    You may want to consider saving a wee bit & get something outwith Cyclescheme since your choice will be hugely expanded. If not, Kinetics should be able to help...
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    If you buy a new recumbent, you may loose quite a bit if you re-sell it. I got my Trice micro (new cost about £4.2k) for £2.2K, that was a loss of over £2k for the previous owner who did less than 200 miles on it. I have seen simular losses with other bikes on ebay.
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    NickM wrote:
    TWBents (via eBay, intermittently - none on sale today) are probably just about the only choice new;

    this lot ?

    when they say 'China' they mean 'the Republic of China' ie Taiwan, as opposed to 'the Peoples Republic of China' ie China

    anyway, isn't this the definition of no-brand? how could you find out what equipment it will take and waht standards it is built to (are all European bikes built to an interchangeability standard? is this a global standard and is everyone signed up to it?
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    anyway, today I ordered the Optima Hopper II although I think it's Mark I that is pictured. the rack is better than on the Sprit and disc brakes are standard, whilst the Spirit has V's

    I test-rode a Bacchetta Cafe as well but that has a front derailleur, which I can do without the hassle of - I like having one twist-grip for 9 gears. Also the hinged steering pole on the Cafe made it all feel a bit wobbly. Disc brakes and a rack are both extras on the Cafe.

    an overgrown Raleigh Chopper is fine. hopefully I will run it for 10 years or so (as I have my current 'on its last legs tourer') then trade up a bit more then
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    To anyone thinking of a bent (solo or trike) I would refer people to The Oracle (aka Kevin at D-Tek) no web site but get him on the phone and arrange to test what he has, a font of knowledge and v helpfull.
    Just hold it there,don\'t move and don\'t drop it, I\'ll be back in a while.(If it\'s safe).