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Bike Hire in Chamonix

bennyrunnerbennyrunner Posts: 35
edited August 2008 in MTB general
Got 5 days in Chamonix next week. Not sure I can be bothered with taking own bike. Has anyone ever hired bikes there and are they half decent?


  • Take your own bike if you intend to ride for five days. I did a bit out there a couple of years back, and bike hire is well expensive. I got a hardtail from Trajectiore which was about 20 euros for a morning, they had Stinkys for about 60 per morning or 80 per day.

    Zero G also hire bikes, their hardtails looked better Spesh Hard Rocks I think, but still pricey. I would recommend taking your own bike, and if you have a choice of bikes, something with reasonably slack geometery - there's a lot of steep terrain out there!

    Anyway, have a good time, thinking of going out myself for bank holiday weekend...
  • Cheers for advice. Looks like I will pack it up and take it along.

  • tomw_ntomw_n Posts: 8
    Hope you had a good time. Good advice above, although Trajectoire is no longer in town. Zero G, Legend and Grand Bi are the three big bike shops now, Zero G being the most popular for sales, spares & Chamonix bike rental
  • I think you may be there this week. Hope it's going well.

    I intend to spend 6 or 7 days cycling in Chamonix in early sept.

    Would be great to learn which routes you took.

    Many thanks

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