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Mavic Crossride freehub body service

macsmacs Posts: 209
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I am looking to service the freehub body on my Mavic Crossride wheels.

Does anyone know where i can get some instructions on servicing them and which tools i will need.

This is the first time i have attempted to service a freehub so wanting to get it right and not bodge it if i can help it.



  • The SpidermanThe Spiderman Posts: 5,625
    I recently did the freehub on my Shimano Deore rear hub.
    Basically it was a case of remove freehub from rear hub with a large hex key,remove rubber seal with tweezers,dunk in degreaser,dry thoroughly and soak with lube.Generally they can't be taken apart so this is about the best you can do.I would assume the Crossride freehub is similar.
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  • skylinerskyliner Posts: 613
    Mavic are totally different from Shimano hubs.

    Put a 5mm hex key into the axle, then use a 17mm wrench on the locknut, and turn the nut anti clockwise. It'll then screw off the axle, and allow you to twist (anti clockwise) & slide the freehub body off the hub. Inside, you'll find the pawl carrier, with 2 pawls & springs still attatched to the hub body, and a spacing washer(which usually sticks to the bearing). Remove the pawls, check them for damage, and worn springs.( pawls have lugs on the ends, if they are broken, source new pawls, likewise for the springs.)
    Clean all parts, including the labyrinth seal, lightly grease pawl housings, replace pawls, and add a small amount of light oil (Mavic hub lube preferably, but wet chain lube works) put a dab of grease on the spacer and use this to stick it to the bearing. Then light lube on the ratchet inside the freehub body, and refit, twisting anti clockwise to clear the pawls. Then refit the locknut.(reverse of removal process.)

    The Mavic website is dealer only access for tech manuals, but you may be able to find some pics on the web.
    Hope this helps, good luck.
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  • SplasherSplasher Posts: 1,528
    See ... 423&size=l

    and ... 150&size=l

    for the mavic instructions on removing axle and servicing freewheel.
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