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hi all...

rite,,,,been riding mtb 6/7 yrs mainly road stuff with the odd off road trip.
lately ive been thinking of getting a road bike as i would like to up the distance that
i do.At the moment i do about 20 mile maybe 3/4 times aweek(when work allows)which takes
about 1hr 15 mins.....
been looking round and wot i need to know is wot is the least amount of gears i should be looking for to get a half decent bike???????????
might not be much, but ive got between £300/£400 to spend......... :wink:

cheers scazzer


  • Rich Hcp
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    Specialized Allez, Trek 1000 or Trek Pilot 1.0,

    Slightl;y over budget, but there are deals about at the moment

    Giving it Large
  • baudman
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    Gears? 2 chain rings and 9 in the rear is fine for most ppl, dep on the terrain. Handy that it's cheaper too.

    You can always upgrade your bike later if you realise road riding is your thing...
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  • If it’s a flattish route then why do you need gears? …. See the light and go single speed or fixed ….. you will get a lot more bike for your money too …… but then I may be a singlespeed/fixed zealot.
  • MrKawamura
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    A half decent bike may have 1 gear, 30 gears, or any number in between. You will probably be used to three chain rings at the front on your MTB, so maybe you should stick to that for your first road bike. It will provide nice low gears for getting up those hills, and nice high gears for going down them. At £400, it fairly likely you will get a Shimano Sora or similar groupset, which would give you 8 gears at the back. That makes 24 gears in total.
  • scazzer
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    thx for ur reply,s fella's and ladies(just in case)

    appreciate it,ive now got a bit more understanding of wot
    to look for :lol::lol:

    cheers scazz