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Dear all,
Does anyone know where you can go for custom cycle jerseys for a new team of cyclists?

Also if anybody knows who might be nice enough to do a smaller than 15 jersys run for us to keep costs down as we are doing this for a charity.

Any ideas,


Ben :)
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  • passout
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    I'm sure that Endura (up in Scotland I think) can do something along these lines. They produce decent kit too. Worth a call and no I don't have any contact info I'm afraid.
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  • i saw an ad. in a mag i got off parker mail order.i may be wrong but there are no start up costs or minimum order.just found the ad.all the above is correct,apparently they supply several pro teams. the clothing is made by nalini contact martin rochford at riva sports industries on 020 8965 2510
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    try this lot too: